= Manager Required for The Bamboo Koi Theatre =

Manager/s required to cover the hours between 5pm - Midnight slt
Right hand Woman / Man
Must be passionate about performing arts, live and chat based and also helping people who are new to SL
This is not a paid position this is you being a club manager in second life because that's what you like to do.
Tips are just a bonus at 100%

= The Venue =

The Bamboo Koi Theatre is a variety act venue, We have live acts as well as avatar chat based performances.

There are a lot of performers who come to second life to sing, act and everything else across the spectrum of performing arts and we all know how hard it can be to get work unless we meet the 30, 60 90 day rule.
At Bamboo Koi that rule doesn't exist, our aim is to provide a place for those new residents to ply their trade and get noticed. In addition to which we also promote them to other venues in order that they can get their career off to a flying start.

Think of the Bamboo Koi as the New Resident Help Centre for performers and you pretty much have the concept here

The venue itself has no tip jar or donation box. It exists because I am passionate about performing arts and helping people. This is how I enjoy my second life so you would need to feel the same way if you would like to work here. It isnt work, its enjoyment, a way to spend your time in world.

= Managers Role =

The Bamboo Koi is a non profit venue. The position is tips only during performances and would only suit someone who is in world for a fair amount of time on a daily basis.

You would be my right hand Woman/Man and help with everything that we do here.
When there is a performance going on you will be host, manager, stage director. liaison and you may well be on your own. Can you cope with that?

In addition to the venue we also have L&G Entertainment, which is an agency set up to help with the second life side of things for the new performers. That includes taking them shopping, helping them to learn basic object movement and editing skills. appearance and everything else we needed to learn when we entered this virtual world. This leaves them free to concentrate on their performing.
As you can see the Manager needs infinite patience and passion.
We will however have hosts to help us out eventually but at the moment this is a new position.

Suitable candidates should have the following skills:

- Take human form when working

- Reliable & Trustworthy, obviously :)

- Basic building skills

- Good knowledge of the second life grid

- Preferably some experience of the entertainments industry in Second life but not essential

- Hosting skills (by that I mean be a people person. You do not need to have worked as a host previously. Anyone who thinks that hosting means copy pasting a pre-made welcome message in local chat and sending it across the sim with a rebel yell need not apply.
Like wise, anyone who has an upside down or unintelligible name need not apply either)

- Infinite patience (you will be helping new resident to find their feet)

- Passionate about performing arts across all disciplines including live acts and avatar text based acts and wants to be a manager here for the love of it and for the pleasure of helping other people. If your motivation is Linden dollars, this is the wrong place

If this sounds like you, please contact me by IM if I am online or by dropping an NC in the post box by the stage door at the rear of the theatre

Best Wishes

(paganshadow resident)

I look forward to working with you

(paganshadow resident)

 Bamboo Koi Theatre