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================WELCOME to L&G Entertainment ======================

Welcome to the club, so to speak :)

We exist to help you along the way.
Our staff members are all experienced in virtual worlds and also in entertainment and performance arts. We have linked up with many partners who all offer their time and services for free

So why do we do this if we do not charge for our services?
Basically we are passionate about what we do and believe in sharing and giving.
We were new here at one time so we know how you feel and also how hard it is to get into work dye to the rules which club owners place on avatars who are less than 30, 60 or 90 days old.

At L&G Entertainment we don't take that view
We will put you on stage to do what you came here to do and in between performances we take the time to help you get used to second life, sort out your appearance, show you around, help you to earn money and promote you to the entertainment venues of second life, so that when you are over the 30 day rule, you are ready to go.
You are also free to perform in other venues if you are asked to. In fact we will be doing our best to help that dream come true for you

In the L&G office you will see that our artists have their photo and bio''s on boards on the back wall so that club owners can come check you out and hire you. However we do not charge any fees if you go and perform at their place.

You will also see advertising boards for our partners and you will be pleased to know that their services are also free of charge.

Please note that we are not managers and never will try to control you as a Manager. You are your own person but if you would like a manager we are happy to discuss it. It will be just as free as the rest of our services


= Advertising & Promotion =

Advertising costs money right?

How about you get paid every time you promote yourself, advertise that you are doing a gig or simply say hello to your fans?

Avatar Social Network is like Facebook but for avatars in virtual worlds. You can create pages for your business, Groups for yourself and your fans, send out notices to people who are not inworld so that they can log in and come to your gig, You can post status updates, post photos, advertise your calendar dates, blog about your last performance, network with people to secure future performance dates and a whole lot more.

The best part about it is that each time you do one of the above, you get paid. Yes, you get paid in credits which you can then cash out at the ATM's all over second life.

Check out Avatar Social Network now https://www.avatarsocialnetwork.com/referral-code/b1e1872c4f


=Live Broadcasts=

Once a week at Bamboo Koi we hold an Performers Showcase and broadcast live right across Second Life with our partner radio station.
Different artists are chosen weekly so that we provide the best exposure possible for everyone.
The service is free and so is the training.
If you would like to take part in Performers Showcase please contact Gemini so that we can organise training for you to operate the system and connect to the live stream


=FREE Singing Lessons=

If you would like singing lessons to improve your existing talent or your vocal range, we have just the thing for you.

Singergirl is a real world professional voice coach and singer and she very kindly offers FREE training right here in second life.
The courses are self study step by step and there are also vocal master classes taught every week at the academy. During these classes you can get your personal questions answered and you can even sing for your peers and work directly with Coach Yvonne to see immediate improvement in your performance!

And believe it or not, this class is absolutely FREE!

=Shoutcast Streams=

Need a stream to broadcast into SL?
We have them available from just L$249 per month

Unfortunately even we can't offer everything for free but we can give it to you at a very good price.

* Up to 192kbps
* Administrator access to the stream.
* Reliable & fast server connection

* 50 user   L$249 per month
* 100 user L$499 per month
* 250 user L$999 per month

The streams listed above are you own broadcasting streams. If you perform in either of our clubs however, you do not need your own stream because we DO have a free one available for you to use


Best wishes

Gem & La Freese

Find us in Second Life

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