= The Bamboo Koi Theatre =

Opening Hours 4am - Noon slt Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Thank you for your interest in The Bamboo Koi Theatre.

The Bamboo Koi Theatre is a  PG/Moderate venue offering a wide range of live music & variety shows.  Live and avatar performers always wanted

There are a lot of performers who come to second life to sing, act and everything else across the spectrum of performing arts and we all know how hard it can be to get work unless we meet the 30, 60 90 day rule.
At Bamboo Koi that rule doesn't exist, our aim is to provide a place for those new residents to ply their trade and get noticed. In addition to which we also promote them to other venues in order that they can get their career off to a flying start.

Think of the Bamboo Koi as the New Resident Help Centre for performers and you pretty much have the concept here. Our L&G Entertainment group was designed with new resident performers in mind and we have assembled a team of seasoned performers and second life residents to help you make the transition into the virtual world as easy as possible, allowing you to concentrate on your art (please see attached notecard)

The venue itself has no tip jar or donation box. It exists because I am passionate about performing arts and helping people. This is how I enjoy my second life

But Bamboo is more than just a performance venue; it is also available for use as an event space and it's free, yep, its free. If you would like to use it to display your artwork, hold a fashion show to display your new creations, Wedding receptions, Birthday parties or anything else then please give me a shout.

So what exactly can you see here?
Here is a quick rundown of events that I hope to promote in the future.

Permanent Pianist
Ballroom Dancing
Latin Dancing
Tribute Bands
Dance Troupes
Big Band Sound
Art Exhibitions etc
Animal acts
Variety / Novelty entertainers
New talent

On the grounds we have Bistro, an event area and a Neo-Realms Gold Fishing Camp and relaxation areas.

The Theatre boasts a large ballroom show area and a Piano lounge. There are balconies front and rear where you can enjoy the view, dance relax and enjoy peace and quiet and a roof top Bistro to spend time with your friends and loved ones or even start a new romance.
The theatre is open 24/7 and available for anyone to dance and listen to the permanent streaming music. If you are lucky you may even catch some of our artists practicing.

Hope to see you all sometime

(paganshadow resident)

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